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Okra- Abelmoschus esculentus

Okra- Abelmoschus esculentus

 “Hibiscus esculentus ” the okra flower. The vegetable flower in the backyard. A vegetable hibiscus variety which is light yellow in colour with a purple eye at the center. A very beautiful flower that will soon turn into a vegetable called ”Okra”       […]

Rattan Fruit

Rattan Fruit My second time to taste rattan fruit and hoping that this time will seduce my tongue, another tasting review the second time around. I can remember my first tasting and Golly! it was memorably terrible, it was so sour that I couldn’t take […]

Fresh Fruits and Tender Green Salad

Fresh fruits that goes well with salad green. A pretty dish with bright colors, the flavor is good and it was great! I deserve this today, it’s an ideal appetizer. Combining fresh fruits and tender green is a good assortment of flavors and tastes; a […]

Thai Pomelo Salad is Really Good

My own version of Thai Pomelo Salad This is good for my health and it’s good for you too. It’s simple and easy to prepare salad. It’s important for me to develop good health, despite all the discouraging stories of bad health sometimes, healthy diet getting little […]

Funny Shapes of Radish

Another amusing features to see. Perfectly white radish, these vegetables makes a funny presents, it appeared to be like a human legs. Sometimes, it’s fun to see vegetables that are equipped with funny features.    


My treat for tricks Halloween presentation For my Comic faces and spooky ideas is a  simple one and not elaborate. It’s just a hands on carving, designing, decorating, arranging some spooky and haunted stuffs to show off.  The full range of candies, fruits, gourds and […]


 Herbed Rissoles with Mushroom sauce Prep: 10 mins  Cooking time: 30 mins I really believed that planning a well-balanced menu  requires attention to add nutritious vegetables. In addition , I’ve added our favorite vegetables on each side to make it interesting, not only because of […]


  Funny white radish  (Click on image to view larger) Young and tender white radish intended for use in salads. It appeared to be very funny like a long legged dancer trying to stretch for leg splits. It looks like a ballet dancer!  How about […]

How to Make a Mellow Papaya Shake

Mellow papaya in a cocktail glass. A quick and healthy drink. Makes: 200 ml What you need: 1 medium Fuji apple, 1 carrot, 1 cup crushed ice and 1/4 ripe papaya How to make: Juice the apple and the carrot to squeeze out the healthy fiber in […]

Using Food Left-overs

It’s a cleaning day, I want to empty our refrigerator and, I was shocked to see several amounts of food leftovers inside. I have gathered everything and placed them on the table. I think these  portions are already good enough for today’s meal. lots of […]