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Churreria La Lola- Estancia Mall

Churreria La Lola- Estancia Mall

The best Churros in the city, my Favorite Churros from La Lola, a deep-fried Churros in Olive oil is heavenly. Churreria La Lola Estancia Mall, Kapitolyo, Pasig citySave

How to Frost Fresh Purple Grapes

How to Frost Fresh Purple Grapes

Purple grapes are available all year round. If you buy grapes, look for a plump grapes, with fruits firmly attached to the stems. See detailed pictures above, they are the best examples of newly picked grapes.   Here’s how to frost grapes: Dip a small bunch […]

The Inviting Aroma of 117 Blend UCC Cofee

Nothing brings out the sharing of memories between old and new friends, a special flavor with the delicious aroma filled the air, the extra richness of UCC  hot coffee 117 blend paired with a sweet Hot Raisin Rolls and Chocolate Souffles served with whipped cream […]

Hog Plum or Siniguelas

Fruits Images of Hog Plum or Siniguelas      


Rambutan: Fruit in the Philippines Rambutan tree bears a good fruit but it is still green. Rambutan fruit will turn into dark red when fully ripened. From previous posts– Beautiful Rambutan Images Note: (Click on images to view larger) Rambutan tree Rambutan fruits    


Strawberries with Yogurt A quick strawberry dessert.Strawberry flavored yogurt,honey, grated cheese and topped with Vermicelli candy sprinkles. Combining sweet and slightly sour taste together gives a unique and  satisfying taste. Prep time: 15 minutes Serves: 4 persons FRESH STRAWBERRIES WITH YOGURT 18 Large strawberries 2 tbsp […]


 Fruit Farm It’s still early,most likely I’ll find myself busy in the kitchen for fun activity.  Here’s I’m transforming fruits into a beautiful scene of Landscape Farm, this one is just as fun to make as they are to share to. What you need: 2 […]


What kind of snack you would love to taste? Here’s a gift pack or house gift which is good and tasty.  It is beautifully sealed in a can to maintain freshness. It’s Hsin Tung Yang Fried Pork Fiber made in Taiwan, sold in can and gift […]