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How to make a Calamansi Syrup

  Calamansi Syrup Select ripe calamansi or Kalamansi and wash thoroughly. Cut the calamansi crosswise and squeeze out the juice through a strainer. Don’t forget to measure the juice extracted. Freeze overnight and remove the crystals (tiny particles content of the juice frozen) from the […]


Apple-Kiwi-Berry Shake, just as smooth and creamy. When you want something fresh and sweet, make a fruit shake.  What you need: 1/apple I kiwi 8  fresh strawberry 1/4 cup honey ½ cup milk 1 cup ice cubes or 2 cups crushed ice   Luscious and […]


 Pineapple-Pear Shake Makes: 400 ml   What you need: 220 g Fresh pineapple cubes 1 Pear 1 cup water 2 tbsps  Lychee juice 1/4 cup honey 2 cups  ice cubes   How to make: To prepare the pineapple, the short-cut way > Cut the pineapple […]


What is summer without cold drinks? Just got a refreshing boost to beat the heat, it’s a fresh fruit harvest to enjoy the quality of luscious fruits for your summer shakes, juices and smoothies. Grab the sweetest and mellow flavor fruits mixed with almost a […]


  Watermelon Shake Watermelon, a  seasonal  fruit which is refreshingly good. Makes: 300 ml.  What you need:  1 cup watermelon cubes, 2 teaspoons of honey (optional) 2 cups ice cubes Note: Highly recommended> Seedless watermelon How to make: Our home grown watermelon. It’s more than enough […]


Mango Shake I devoted a bit of my abundant free time in making different kinds of shakes and juices using fresh fruits in  season; mangoes, papayas, cantaloupes, strawberries, blueberries, pears, apples, bananas and many more. There are many ways to do it, like the mix […]

How to Make a Mellow Papaya Shake

Mellow papaya in a cocktail glass. A quick and healthy drink. Makes: 200 ml What you need: 1 medium Fuji apple, 1 carrot, 1 cup crushed ice and 1/4 ripe papaya How to make: Juice the apple and the carrot to squeeze out the healthy fiber in […]


                                          Navel Cadet This is a refreshing chiller that your kids and teens will like after a day long hike. It’s a simple, healthy and […]

Iced Tea, Mango and Fresh Orange Juice

I have prepared orange juice, mango juice and Iced tea for my photography today.  I took the shot at the garden, and it looks wonderful with the cool atmosphere around. The weather today is fine and the time is right.  It’s a cold refreshing day […]