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Today’s subject for outdoor photography: Fresh Strawberries and Grapes Setting: Garden  Craving for summer fruits? well, I’m feasting with fresh strawberries and grapes today. I’m trying to hold it so I can take few shots for you. Anyway, it’s my daily practice to photograph any kind […]


Once again, it’s a Valentine masterpiece. I will show you example on how to please your loved one this coming Valentine’s day. This is just a simple art using fresh strawberries as the center of attraction on the table. It’s good to serve strawberries on […]


                                          Navel Cadet This is a refreshing chiller that your kids and teens will like after a day long hike. It’s a simple, healthy and […]


Sliced fresh fruits. Choices to choose from; fresh fruits with the natural sweetness  and the sweet fruit salad with thick cream. Fresh fruit salad While it’s simply tempting to young kids from buying junk foods,fruits make the best alternative for growing kid and teens. It is […]


Today’s special Subject for fruit photography : Fresh Kiwi Click on images to view larger)            

Festive Layered Fruit Salad Arrangement on a Platter

The most relaxed way to entertain my guests is to serve Fresh fruit salads like this. It’s an all-time favorite fresh fruit salad that I usually serve  on special days and occasions. From my best creation of fruit medley and vegetable salad, you can pick […]