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How to make a Calamansi Syrup

  Calamansi Syrup Select ripe calamansi or Kalamansi and wash thoroughly. Cut the calamansi crosswise and squeeze out the juice through a strainer. Don’t forget to measure the juice extracted. Freeze overnight and remove the crystals (tiny particles content of the juice frozen) from the […]

Photographing Fruits on Black Background

  Fruit Photography Subject: Fruit cocktail To feature the fruits as my main subject.This time is not about tasting and arranging of fruits, it’s all about photographing the subject (Fruit slices) I just love the rich colors of the fruits not to mention the taste. Bright […]

Pink Sugar Apple

Pink Sugar Apples It’s exciting to plant something and keep a record of development. Sugar apple or Atis tree grows fairly quickly in the front yard. I’ve been following it through from day one to keep an early record for the rate of growth from a […]

How to Cut a Pineapple

Season: The best quality of pineapples  are available all year round. To buy: Choose a ripe pineapple which is heavy for it’s size with a sweet fragrance.The sweet one gives more sweet flavour. Avoid over-ripe or have a leaked juice. How to serve: You can cut […]


Commonly called as Lanzones or Langsat, it is a very popular fruit in the Philippines. It is an oval and round fruits borne in clusters similar to the color of  brown potatoes. The outer skin is thin but  rubbery-type which is good enough to protect […]


Purple Mangosteen is the fruit of the day. It’s fruit photography for my favorite fruit.  My close-up and angle shots for mangosteen  with 3 different background;  white, yellow and black.                 The purple Mangosteen seeds, light brown in […]


Today’s subject for outdoor photography: Fresh Strawberries and Grapes Setting: Garden  Craving for summer fruits? well, I’m feasting with fresh strawberries and grapes today. I’m trying to hold it so I can take few shots for you. Anyway, it’s my daily practice to photograph any kind […]


Prep: 15 mins  Serves: 2-3 people A combination of 2 fruits that can be served in small portions. The simplest way of serving finger fruits as a snack or dessert. What you need:  10 pcs  med-sized strawberries, 1 piece orange How to make: Follow the method as […]


Prep: 15 mins  Serves: 2-3 people It’s a finger fresh fruit of 2 flavors that gives a bite of freshness. Creating a fan style, it looks good as it tastes. I made 2 different kinds of fruit with same method lately, it’s a quick way to […]