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Attractively arranged fresh fruits  If you are tired of eating fruits individually, For a change, you can turn fruits into a delightful fruit medley just like these. The point of mixing assortment of different flavors is that, sweet and bit sour flavors is more desirable […]

How to Make a Watermelon Bowl

Today, I will show you how to make a watermelon bowl. This is very easy and simple that you  can make it anytime. The shell of the watermelon is not tough compared to  pineapple  skin which is very tough and  the spiky skin is so […]

Fruits and Vegetable Salad Shells

Salad shells for fruits and vegetable servings.Instead of using a glass platter or bowl, you can also make use of vegetable and fruit shells as serving dishes for salad; Melon bowl, Dragon fruit boat, Avocado boat, Orange bowl, Bell pepper boat and pumpkin bowl. Other […]