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HELLO KITTY-Vegetable Carving

(Click on images to view larger) ”Hello Kitty” is a tiny cuttings and funny creations. It’s just an additional feature for the Cutting of Funny fruits and vegetables.  A pretty food art to charm the kids.”Hello Kitty” is made of radish,orange skin and carrots.It was […]


Our daily selection of fruits for good health and everyday freshness.There’s no substitute to self-prepared fresh fruits,it requires only 10 to 15 minutes of your time to serve these kind,just a short time preparation without cooking at all. What a  handy effort to rush on. You may also want to […]

How to Make a Melon Bowl

It can be served this way for a delicious snack or a fresh fruit dessert for any meal. It looks attractive and presentable on the table. Let’s get started! A fresh melon. Cut melon in halfways. Scoop out the seed with a spoon.If you are […]