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How to Cut a Pineapple

Season: The best quality of pineapples  are available all year round. To buy: Choose a ripe pineapple which is heavy for it’s size with a sweet fragrance.The sweet one gives more sweet flavour. Avoid over-ripe or have a leaked juice. How to serve: You can cut […]


Prep: 15 mins  Serves: 2-3 people It’s a finger fresh fruit of 2 flavors that gives a bite of freshness. Creating a fan style, it looks good as it tastes. I made 2 different kinds of fruit with same method lately, it’s a quick way to […]


Strawberries are at their peak right now and my present photography subject today.These fruits has a lot of vitamins and minerals as well as it’s a good source of fiber too. After photographing these fruits, you’ll find them inside my tummy ! The perfect white […]