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It’s strawberry season. It is now abundant and the price is not too costly. This is the perfect time for me to make use of these strawberries. Lots of friends visiting our place, it’s 2 weeks Christmas vacation,  giving them the opportunity to visit special […]


I loved to slice it,a soft avocado is very easy to cut, the skin may be smooth or rough,dark green or reddish-purple.You may cut it lengthways or simply peel it. You’ll be amazed to see the  longest avocado I bought lately. Here’s how to prepare […]


Brightly colored ornamental gourds as my subject today.Baby gourds tends to have tough skins, but some wrinkled but colourful and attractive.The colour was firmly emphasized with the black background. Gourds like squash and pumpkins can also be used as salad bowl. I have prepared some […]


The most common fruits on hand; ripe bananas,green and red apples,oranges with ripe kiwis is good to catch your mood. My fruit storage is full,I had a great time arranging fruits per serving today. Combining all kinds of fruits,I was able to create assortment for a change of pace.Try these […]


Our daily selection of fruits for good health and everyday freshness.There’s no substitute to self-prepared fresh fruits,it requires only 10 to 15 minutes of your time to serve these kind,just a short time preparation without cooking at all. What a  handy effort to rush on. You may also want to […]


The imaginative servings sometimes doubles the goodness of fresh fruits.The arrangement of different fresh fruits which includes; Slices of fresh Kiwis,it was cut into crossways and rounded form, green and red apple wedges, fresh plums was cut into 3 quarters,oranges was cut into wedges,freing the […]

Prawn Cocktail

Prawns served with orange and traditional sauce. Quantity of prawns can be reduced and crabs or oysters can be used too. Sauce for the cocktail can be prepared ahead; keep covered in refrigerator until required. Ingredients 300 g cooked prawns 1 small ripe mango 1 […]

Gingered Melon Balls

A quick and easy family favorite. Ingredients 1 medium melon 3 tbsp. golden syrup 2 tbsp icing sugar 2 tbsp lemon juice ½ tsp ground ginger   Different varieties of local and imported melons are available all year round. Ripe melon should yield to finger […]

Festive Layered Fruit Salad Arrangement on a Platter

The most relaxed way to entertain my guests is to serve Fresh fruit salads like this. It’s an all-time favorite fresh fruit salad that I usually serve  on special days and occasions. From my best creation of fruit medley and vegetable salad, you can pick […]