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Pink Sugar Apple

The Sugar apple fresh from the garden,they are distinguished by their apple green color and rough skin but lately, sugar apple tree is producing intriguing colors such as  green, pink and light violet. I guess, if the season is outstanding when 3 different colors are […]


 Fruit Photography Subject:Fresh Rambutan My photography for fresh fruits, I’ve photographed it in advanced before my friends will arrive. I’ve invited some friends to come over and share the sweetness of Rambutan.The flesh of Rambutan is similar with the Lychee but, it’s different in taste. […]


This salad is fun and exciting to make especially for the kids. Following the photographs will help you understand the step-by-step instructions. I adopted this salad from the  book,”Step-by-Step Kid’s cookbook.” The Zoo cage salad. What a beautiful cage! I’ve made a bit difference here. […]