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Guess who’s cooking? It’s Sau Del Rosario

Celebrity  chef, Master Chef Sau Del Rosario explains as he demonstrates how to cook one of his best Kapampangan recipe  for the day without missing important details to bring out the savory flavour. Asia Food Expo, the country’s largest showcase in food. September 14-17, 2016 World Trade […]

Advantages of eating out

Sharing a Few Guidelines 1. Eating out because of busy schedules that you don’t have the time to prepare at home. Frozen packages and defrosting takes more cooking time. 2. To try new dishes in a newly opened restaurant, you’ll be updated to the new […]

Goin’ Bananas

                             Goin’ Bananas We haven’t eaten a single banana yet for today but it’s good I bought a plain substitute, a saba banana in the form of chips, It’s ”Goin Bananas” a […]


Scallop- a saltwater clams, newly opened to show the inside freshness. What is this for? well, a quick cooking for our lunch today.

Waldorf Salad

It’s summertime and the long vacation gave me the chance to prepare my favorite recipes; cocktail snacks, fruits and vegetable  salads.I feel more relaxed to make gimmicks and surprises that doesn’t require more time.I’m glad,I get to do all these things better now.Yesterday, I’ve prepared a refreshing […]

Using Food Left-overs

It’s a cleaning day, I want to empty our refrigerator and, I was shocked to see several amounts of food leftovers inside. I have gathered everything and placed them on the table. I think these  portions are already good enough for today’s meal. lots of […]

Navel Oranges

I have promised last week that today, My subjects  would be seasoned fruits as they make the best fresh looking subjects. Oranges looks so naturally- fresh, cool and absolutely beautiful.These navel oranges appeared to be clean with different color backgrounds. Let’s check the result of my photography today. […]


This is meant to be aphrodisiac, a male dominated indulgence, affordable delicacy and common pulutan in the evening for drinkers here in the Philippines. Balut is so popular and the usual snack of Filipinos, it was once eaten by contestants in Fear Factor before. For first timers, […]

Seafood and Chicken Rice

Rice has no flavor on its own, but it does magic to all kinds of dishes. Rice can be mixed into dish or serve as accompaniment, add a little meat, chicken, seafood and sauce to make a nutritious dish. I have several methods of cooking […]

Gingered Melon Balls

A quick and easy family favorite. Ingredients 1 medium melon 3 tbsp. golden syrup 2 tbsp icing sugar 2 tbsp lemon juice ½ tsp ground ginger   Different varieties of local and imported melons are available all year round. Ripe melon should yield to finger […]