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Advantages of eating out

Sharing a Few Guidelines 1. Eating out because of busy schedules that you don’t have the time to prepare at home. Frozen packages and defrosting takes more cooking time. 2. To try new dishes in a newly opened restaurant, you’ll be updated to the new […]

Radish – funny features

Radish- one of the easiest vegetables to grow.There are two types of radish; the large winter type and the long varieties. Grown for use in salads and vegetable soup, usually eaten while they are fresh and tender. Other radish produce funny features and remarkably attractive. It’s quiet […]


Scallop- a saltwater clams, newly opened to show the inside freshness. What is this for? well, a quick cooking for our lunch today.

Food Art Candy Sprinkles-Free Style Arrangement for the Kids

Hello kids! This is something fun for you! Today, I’m going to make a free style arrangement to entertain you. This is something fancy and fun art creations. Rainbow sprinkle with full colors of animal design, star- shaped, heart-shaped and letters, you can even form […]


Everybody ought to learn about simple meals using whatever is available on hand. You don’t want to waste any and rush to buy to the nearest convenient store or, you don’t want any repetition of the same menu done yesterday? Check what’s inside your refrigerator […]


Sweet and Sour Cuttlefish It’s just a quick and easy recipe for busy days. I’m particular to make recipes as easy and fast as I could.I’m running out of time because of some special task around.This quick and easy cooking gives me the opportunity to […]


The traditional and modern mooncake fashioned in beautiful boxes, appeared in many variations; almonds, peanuts, black and white  sesame seeds, redbeans, lotus,  black mongo and honey that comes in different taste,color and flavors.Traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. We bought this mooncake in Taiwan and China […]


Incredibly nutritious and fragrant apples. Chinese red gala apples are available throughout the year. These kind of apples can eaten with their skin, it is good for everyday snacks and perfect for desserts too. You can just bite it as it is still fresh and perfectly […]


Sweet and delicious Pineapple cake of Taiwan. So far, the best I’ve ever tasted.