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How to Frost Fresh Purple Grapes

How to Frost Fresh Purple Grapes

Purple grapes are available all year round. If you buy grapes, look for a plump grapes, with fruits firmly attached to the stems. See detailed pictures above, they are the best examples of newly picked grapes.   Here’s how to frost grapes: Dip a small bunch […]


I never break the habit of bringing our favorite fruits on the table no matter if it is a juice, shake or smoothies as long as anything nutritious is made out of fruits. Some of our healthy drinks is an everyday fruit choice for the […]

Favorite Fruits on the Table

  I gathered all kinds of  ripe, freshy-picked fruits and place them on the table. How wonderful to see all my fresh favorites for the day. It serves as a healthy snack for the family and a delicious dessert for any meal especially the sweet […]