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Advantages of eating out

Sharing a Few Guidelines 1. Eating out because of busy schedules that you don’t have the time to prepare at home. Frozen packages and defrosting takes more cooking time. 2. To try new dishes in a newly opened restaurant, you’ll be updated to the new […]


Sweet and Sour Cuttlefish It’s just a quick and easy recipe for busy days. I’m particular to make recipes as easy and fast as I could.I’m running out of time because of some special task around.This quick and easy cooking gives me the opportunity to […]

Fish and Veggies on a Platter

This is my Lenten recipe,it is very simple and easy to prepare. My yearly practice showing awareness during the season of Lent.A plateful of veggies; boiled okra, green mango strips, ensaladang talong or eggplant, sliced tomatoes, red and green chili, salted eggs, onions, steamed rice, […]

Java Rice

I learned how to make this familiar and flavorful Java rice  from my mother and it is already common here in the Philippines. I prepared this dish every week  for our Saturday dinner. When we go out, we usually order the same dish  with Chicken […]