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Jolly Lemon Mouse

Jolly Lemon Mouse

There’s no need to use oranges all the time, It’s good to pick-up a lemon and fashion it this jolly fun. Today, I’m going to make my own ”Jolly Lemon Mouse.” What you need: 1 Whole lemon(medium in size) 2 Granules black pepper 4 Mint […]

How to Make a Donkey Head-Kiwifruit Art

How to Make a Donkey Head-Kiwifruit Art

Donkey Head-Kiwifruit Art Another jolly ideas for a tropical sweet and luscious kiwifruit. Additional decorative ideas making a fresh fruit sensation into an art. Kiwi is more nutritious than any other fruit that’s why I love it! The silky green fresh kiwi with a tropical […]

How to Arrange Shrimps and Prawns on a Serving Plate

Different ways of Arranging  Shrimps and Prawns on a Serving Plate. Cooked and served hot in a variety of dishes. (Click on images to view larger)

Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ

Pitmaster’s Smoked Pork Ribs served with a delightful contrast of side dishes together with 3 additional kinds.The whole meal is presented and served on a big platter with the Pitmaster’s Smoked Pork Ribs with Smoked Coriander Chicken quarters on the left side and Angus Brisket with […]

Pink Sugar Apple

Pink Sugar Apples It’s exciting to plant something and keep a record of development. Sugar apple or Atis tree grows fairly quickly in the front yard. I’ve been following it through from day one to keep an early record for the rate of growth from a […]

Goin’ Bananas

                             Goin’ Bananas We haven’t eaten a single banana yet for today but it’s good I bought a plain substitute, a saba banana in the form of chips, It’s ”Goin Bananas” a […]


Guava– a green fruit with a sweet taste.It has a distinctive flavor and fragrant smell. Available throughout summer. Last summer, that was in the middle of March if I can still recall. When I visited my sister, I was overwhelmed to see the abundance of […]


Scallop- a saltwater clams, newly opened to show the inside freshness. What is this for? well, a quick cooking for our lunch today.

Peking Garden Serves the Best Peking Duck in the City

It was a birthday celebration with special people. We celebrated the 90th birthday of my aunt Conchita with family, relatives and close friends. The celebration was held at Peking Garden Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center Makati City. The fine dining hosted for more than 50 people, we all […]


Everybody ought to learn about simple meals using whatever is available on hand. You don’t want to waste any and rush to buy to the nearest convenient store or, you don’t want any repetition of the same menu done yesterday? Check what’s inside your refrigerator […]