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Jolly Lemon Mouse

Jolly Lemon Mouse

There’s no need to use oranges all the time, It’s good to pick-up a lemon and fashion it this jolly fun. Today, I’m going to make my own ”Jolly Lemon Mouse.” What you need: 1 Whole lemon(medium in size) 2 Granules black pepper 4 Mint […]

Food Art Candy Sprinkles-Free Style Arrangement for the Kids

Hello kids! This is something fun for you! Today, I’m going to make a free style arrangement to entertain you. This is something fancy and fun art creations. Rainbow sprinkle with full colors of animal design, star- shaped, heart-shaped and letters, you can even form […]


Fruit Cocktail (Click on images to view larger) Lychee or ‘’Lai Tzi’’ ( mandarin) is an ideal fruit to begin with.It’s the fruit that I’ve been craving for, the refreshing sweetness, juicy with sweet fragrance is delightfully good. Indeed, I ate a lot of these fruit. […]


It’s strawberry season. It is now abundant and the price is not too costly. This is the perfect time for me to make use of these strawberries. Lots of friends visiting our place, it’s 2 weeks Christmas vacation,  giving them the opportunity to visit special […]

How to Make a Cabbage Bowl

Cabbage Bowl I’m going to make a cabbage bowl out of  these cabbage. A cabbage bowl is a unique salad bowl made with the outer layer of the cabbage itself. These cabbage bowl is perfect for coleslaw salad. Vegetarians always love this kind of salad.You […]

Fruits and Vegetable Salad Shells

Salad shells for fruits and vegetable servings.Instead of using a glass platter or bowl, you can also make use of vegetable and fruit shells as serving dishes for salad; Melon bowl, Dragon fruit boat, Avocado boat, Orange bowl, Bell pepper boat and pumpkin bowl. Other […]