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How to Make a Donkey Head-Kiwifruit Art

How to Make a Donkey Head-Kiwifruit Art

Donkey Head-Kiwifruit Art Another jolly ideas for a tropical sweet and luscious kiwifruit. Additional decorative ideas making a fresh fruit sensation into an art. Kiwi is more nutritious than any other fruit that’s why I love it! The silky green fresh kiwi with a tropical […]

How to Serve Fresh Watermelon

The exciting way of cutting your favorite fruits. Watermelon can be transformed into something special if you slice it neatly as details shown on photos below. The kind of cutting will make it more presentable on the table and refreshing when it’s cold.  Watermelon is cultivated […]


Prep: 15 mins  Serves: 2-3 people A combination of 2 fruits that can be served in small portions. The simplest way of serving finger fruits as a snack or dessert. What you need:  10 pcs  med-sized strawberries, 1 piece orange How to make: Follow the method as […]