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* The excess fat from the Roast Whole Chicken. Add 3 tablespoons of hot water to the chicken juices.(fat dripping) and stir well. Combine 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, flour or glutinous rice flour to form a paste. Any of the three. Gradually stir-in 11/2 cups […]

Using Food Left-overs

It’s a cleaning day, I want to empty our refrigerator and, I was shocked to see several amounts of food leftovers inside. I have gathered everything and placed them on the table. I think these  portions are already good enough for today’s meal. lots of […]

Chicken Roulades

This is a recipe for busy days.  It is very easy to prepare and does not consume all your time in the kitchen. I learned this recipe from my cousin following  an old cookbook . I’m  happy with the result because my first attempt was […]

Oriental Fried Rice with Chicken Legs

I only have a small amount of cooked leftover rice, chicken, beef, and shrimps from yesterday’s meal so, I came up with the idea to cook my own style of  Oriental fried rice. This is unusually tempting, making its second appearance and taste on the […]