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How to Make a Mellow Papaya Shake

Mellow papaya in a cocktail glass. A quick and healthy drink. Makes: 200 ml What you need: 1 medium Fuji apple, 1 carrot, 1 cup crushed ice and 1/4 ripe papaya How to make: Juice the apple and the carrot to squeeze out the healthy fiber in […]

HELLO KITTY-Vegetable Carving

(Click on images to view larger) ”Hello Kitty” is a tiny cuttings and funny creations. It’s just an additional feature for the Cutting of Funny fruits and vegetables.  A pretty food art to charm the kids.”Hello Kitty” is made of radish,orange skin and carrots.It was […]

How to Make a Pumpkin Bowl

It’s summertime.A long long vacation gives me the opportunity to create beautiful fruit and vegetable salad bowl and cups.I’ll make  a good thing better on how to serve sweet dessert and vegetable salad using different kinds of salad shells. Last week, I’ve created a cabbage […]

How to Make a Watermelon Bowl

Today, I will show you how to make a watermelon bowl. This is very easy and simple that you  can make it anytime. The shell of the watermelon is not tough compared to  pineapple  skin which is very tough and  the spiky skin is so […]

Fruit Cocktail

JEWELS OF THE SALAD WORLD Here are some images of fresh fruit cocktails that I have prepared  last week, These rainbow-bright fruits are the center of attraction on the table.  Just about anything goes here, adding and  mixing delightful assortment of different flavors and tastes. […]

Festive Layered Fruit Salad Arrangement on a Platter

The most relaxed way to entertain my guests is to serve Fresh fruit salads like this. It’s an all-time favorite fresh fruit salad that I usually serve  on special days and occasions. From my best creation of fruit medley and vegetable salad, you can pick […]