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Tag: Assorted fruits in the Philippines


Prep: 15 mins  Serves: 2-3 people It’s a finger fresh fruit of 2 flavors that gives a bite of freshness. Creating a fan style, it looks good as it tastes. I made 2 different kinds of fruit with same method lately, it’s a quick way to […]


Fruit Cocktail (Click on images to view larger) Lychee or ‘’Lai Tzi’’ ( mandarin) is an ideal fruit to begin with.It’s the fruit that I’ve been craving for, the refreshing sweetness, juicy with sweet fragrance is delightfully good. Indeed, I ate a lot of these fruit. […]


 Fruit Photography Subject:Fresh Rambutan My photography for fresh fruits, I’ve photographed it in advanced before my friends will arrive. I’ve invited some friends to come over and share the sweetness of Rambutan.The flesh of Rambutan is similar with the Lychee but, it’s different in taste. […]