Daily Meal Servings with love and creativity




There’s a good culture method that can produce more and better quality oysters.The new method is the ”Raft method.” Rafting method is a floating bamboo rafts where oysters can grow hanging on raft underwater however, the old method is still applicable and effective which some […]

Guess who’s cooking? It’s Sau Del Rosario

Celebrity  chef, Master Chef Sau Del Rosario explains as he demonstrates how to cook one of his best Kapampangan recipe  for the day without missing important details to bring out the savory flavour. Asia Food Expo, the country’s largest showcase in food. September 14-17, 2016 World Trade […]

How to Arrange Shrimps and Prawns on a Serving Plate

Different ways of Arranging  Shrimps and Prawns on a Serving Plate. Cooked and served hot in a variety of dishes. (Click on images to view larger)

Double-Boiled Winter Melon Soup with Assorted Seafood

The Double-boiled winter melon soup with assorted seafood standing on a large holder for support.This is a very attractive serving dish for soup. The winter melon shell is quite heavy and tough, it can hold up to the heat of the soup as it was almost […]


Scallop- a saltwater clams, newly opened to show the inside freshness. What is this for? well, a quick cooking for our lunch today.

Peking Garden Serves the Best Peking Duck in the City

It was a birthday celebration with special people. We celebrated the 90th birthday of my aunt Conchita with family, relatives and close friends. The celebration was held at Peking Garden Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center Makati City. The fine dining hosted for more than 50 people, we all […]


The serving style and good presentation is the best way to get you love sushi more! Japanese and Buffet set up restaurants  served sushi in a sushi boat. It’s the smart way of serving Sushi.I took Sushi boat photos during my restaurant visit. Other photos […]


Sashimi Boat is a Japanese accent that gives an elegant table setting. The Japanese boat filled with ice and topped with Tuna and Pink salmon slices. The thick ice will retain the freshness of the Sashimi. Sashimi is a Japanese delicacy from tuna or salmon. […]

BUFFET- Dads,Kamayan,Saisaki

Today is not just an ordinary day, it’s a family celebration we are about to celebrate. Of course, all family members were very excited, I’ve decided to celebrate at home, would love to serve my new dishes possible but, with too many foods to cook, […]


Sweet and Sour Cuttlefish It’s just a quick and easy recipe for busy days. I’m particular to make recipes as easy and fast as I could.I’m running out of time because of some special task around.This quick and easy cooking gives me the opportunity to […]