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Top 15 Best Restaurants in Kapitolyo, Pasig city 2017

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Kapitolyo, Pasig city 2017

A pleasant stroll around just a few blocks from home leads to numerous restaurants such as: Ramen Cool, Lee Hak Korean Restaurant, Cafe Juanita, Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew, Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ, Diner on 16th, Silantro, Lee Hak Korean, Rub Ribs, Three Sisters, Persian Grill, […]

The Inviting Aroma of 117 Blend UCC Cofee

Nothing brings out the sharing of memories between old and new friends, a special flavor with the delicious aroma filled the air, the extra richness of UCC  hot coffee 117 blend paired with a sweet Hot Raisin Rolls and Chocolate Souffles served with whipped cream […]

How to make a Calamansi Syrup

  Calamansi Syrup Select ripe calamansi or Kalamansi and wash thoroughly. Cut the calamansi crosswise and squeeze out the juice through a strainer. Don’t forget to measure the juice extracted. Freeze overnight and remove the crystals (tiny particles content of the juice frozen) from the […]

Papaya- Fruit of the Angels

Extremely easy to grow papaya in our backyard. Comes in yellow or orange when ripe, it is sweet and creamy especially the newly picked ones. Ripe papaya is good when eaten fresh or for fruit salad, just chill thoroughly and served on a bed of […]

Peking Garden Serves the Best Peking Duck in the City

It was a birthday celebration with special people. We celebrated the 90th birthday of my aunt Conchita with family, relatives and close friends. The celebration was held at Peking Garden Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center Makati City. The fine dining hosted for more than 50 people, we all […]

Green Tea Ice Cream on a Cone

          My favorite frozen delight is Green Tea Ice Cream, it is sweet, creamy and silky.


Sweet Mango Shake, the most popular  drinks in the city. The mouth watering freshness, it’s everybody’s favorite. How to make a Mango Shake? (Click link)


Apple-Kiwi-Berry Shake, just as smooth and creamy. When you want something fresh and sweet, make a fruit shake.  What you need: 1/apple I kiwi 8  fresh strawberry 1/4 cup honey ½ cup milk 1 cup ice cubes or 2 cups crushed ice   Luscious and […]


I never break the habit of bringing our favorite fruits on the table no matter if it is a juice, shake or smoothies as long as anything nutritious is made out of fruits. Some of our healthy drinks is an everyday fruit choice for the […]