Daily Meal Servings with love and creativity


The Inviting Aroma of 117 Blend UCC Cofee

Nothing brings out the sharing of memories between old and new friends, a special flavor with the delicious aroma filled the air, the extra richness of UCC  hot coffee 117 blend paired with a sweet Hot Raisin Rolls and Chocolate Souffles served with whipped cream […]


What kind of snack you would love to taste? Here’s a gift pack or house gift which is good and tasty.  It is beautifully sealed in a can to maintain freshness. It’s Hsin Tung Yang Fried Pork Fiber made in Taiwan, sold in can and gift […]


If you travel to Taiwan, one best taste that you can bring home is the Sliced dried pork. It is flavourful, firm and tender. The sweet and light spicy taste goes well with my appetite. Hsin Tung Yang Dried Sliced Pork of Taiwan   Good […]


To start the day right, I woke up early today to prepare a simple pancake breakfast for the family. I used a Cholesterol Free Pancake Mix which is also high in fiber, less fat with Muscovado sugar. Following the directions of the package given, I’ve […]


Everybody ought to learn about simple meals using whatever is available on hand. You don’t want to waste any and rush to buy to the nearest convenient store or, you don’t want any repetition of the same menu done yesterday? Check what’s inside your refrigerator […]


I woke up earlier than expected  this morning. That means,got some time to prepare a good breakfast for the family.I won’t have to drive through fast food restaurant or to the nearest convenience store to grab a breakfast pack. Although, It’s just a quick and […]


Fresh picked and well-colored for today’s favorite.I’m planning to make a Fresh fruit cup out of my favorite fruits such as;  pineapple,dragon fruit,papaya,mangoes,grapes ,oranges,atis, pomelo, kiwi,santol, and rambutan.These assorted fruits  are over abundant after a good crop and have their own distinct characteristics that will effect […]

Java Rice

I learned how to make this familiar and flavorful Java rice  from my mother and it is already common here in the Philippines. I prepared this dish every week  for our Saturday dinner. When we go out, we usually order the same dish  with Chicken […]

Seafood and Chicken Rice

Rice has no flavor on its own, but it does magic to all kinds of dishes. Rice can be mixed into dish or serve as accompaniment, add a little meat, chicken, seafood and sauce to make a nutritious dish. I have several methods of cooking […]

Oyster Omelette

I cook this every week for my family. If you love seafoods, You’ll love this flavor and easy preparation of this recipe. Try it now! Ingredients 10.4 ozs of oysters 8 eggs 8 tablespoons of oil 2 tablespoons of chopped green onions Seasoning for Marinating: […]