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Top 15 Best Restaurants in Kapitolyo, Pasig city 2017

Top 15 Best Restaurants in Kapitolyo, Pasig city 2017

A pleasant stroll around just a few blocks from home leads to numerous restaurants such as: Ramen Cool, Lee Hak Korean Restaurant, Cafe Juanita, Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew, Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ, Diner on 16th, Silantro, Lee Hak Korean, Rub Ribs, Three Sisters, Persian Grill, Warung, Bradd and Pitt Ribshack to name a few.. Majority are roadside restaurants and generally inexpensive, every passers are made welcome by the smell of delightful aromas, it’s so inviting. Other restaurants nearby are still under construction and old ones were already renovated and upgraded.

When things get busy, my best option is the nearest restaurant but almost all restaurants just few blocks away and  that’s my best advantage. Just like other people as they tends to discover new taste, why would you all dressed up and go out to eat the same food you eat at home? Of course, I want to try something tasty and still to discover something good.

Delicious recipes are now printed and others were already published on web, if people make the same kind of food, that would be very common to all. As you can see. some similar variety served in hundreds of other restaurants throughout the city but chef cooking changes from season for a reason. Why not try for a good reason? Lets review and best examples are the following:





Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew

Address: Kapitolyo, Pasig city

Opening Hours: 11 AM–11:30 PM


Bradd and Pitt Ribshack

Address: Kapitolyo, Pasig city

Opening Hours: 12NN-2AM


Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Address: 64 E Capitol Dr, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila

Opening Hours: 11AM-12AM


Memorable meal perfect for the whole family and friends. Comes out tasty the way you want it.


Lee Hak Korean Restaurant


Diner on 16th

A lot of teenagers are talking about this; this american comfort offers

Unique and interesting presentation of Milkshakes, it was a dazzling flow and refreshingly good!


Tipsy Pig

The restaurant offers


Casa Juanita

Have you heard of Casa Juanita?

You might want to note some of the specialties



Bradd Pitt

Pretty-oh-so-good! I get such a feeling of satisfaction, There’s nothing else like this;tender and succulent accompanied by mashe potatoes and spinach.



Mountain of



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