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Jolly Lemon Mouse

Jolly Lemon Mouse


There’s no need to use oranges all the time, It’s good to pick-up a lemon and fashion it this jolly fun. Today, I’m going to make my own ”Jolly Lemon Mouse.”

What you need:

1 Whole lemon(medium in size)

2 Granules black pepper

4 Mint stem or parsley

Pairing knives

Small scissors (to cut out extra skin)

Toothpick (to deepen the holes for the eyes)

How to do it:

  1. First of all, cut one size of the lemon to stand still
  2. Cut 2 pieces of skin to form the mouse ears (oval shape is also good)
  3. another strip cut for the mouse tail. Insert the tail skin.
  4. Using a small knife, make a tiny hole for the mouse eyes, use the toothpick to deepen the skin. Remove and scoop small extra particles. Inset the granules.
  5. Each side of the nose, make a small hole for the whiskers and again use the toothpick to deepen the holes just like the eyes.
  6. lastly, insert the mint stem for the whiskers to complete the features. I’ve made 4 whiskers.

Now, Everything ‘s done. It’s so easy to play with it! The teasing feature is funny. Giggly fun! This is my ”Jolly Lemon Mouse” for the kids out there.

It looks good inside the refrigerator too! After this, it’s worth squeezing to make a fresh lemon drink as it is excellent source of vitamin C ( contains few calories) Lemons have a very sharp scent, they are usually good for flavoring sauces and drinks. More ideas for a funny and strange art, coming next posts.


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