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Creative Ways to Serve Fresh Strawberries on the Table

Creative Ways to Serve Fresh Strawberries on the Table

Serving fresh strawberries on the table without removing the stalk, it serves as a holder as you eat and it would be easier to pick it up, that’s the natural way to hold a piece of strawberry. To emphasize the red color of strawberries, use a clean white plate. Here are some ideas on how to serve fresh strawberries on the table.




The 2 method servings.




Rounded Form, it was well-arranged on the plate.



Heart-Shaped strawberries on a plate.




Strawberry boat with pink candy sprinkles on top.



Strawberries in a cocktail glass.



Mountain of strawberries on a plate.





Unequall sized strawberries, the big one must always at the center.


The freshness inside, strawberry slices with a big and small pieces altogether.



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