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How to Make a Donkey Head-Kiwifruit Art

How to Make a Donkey Head-Kiwifruit Art


Donkey Head-Kiwifruit Art

Another jolly ideas for a tropical sweet and luscious kiwifruit. Additional decorative ideas making a fresh fruit sensation into an art. Kiwi is more nutritious than any other fruit that’s why I love it! The silky green fresh kiwi with a tropical flavor  is better than the golden one. Kiwi is a dark brown oval fruit with a fuzzy skin but inside will reveal a smooth bright emerald green with a smooth light sweetness inside. Today is a kiwi day,I’m sure kiwi will shine! I’m going to make a ”Donkey head using a whole kiwifruit, dressing up into a new look is fun and exciting too. It’s a fruit fun for the kids!

What you need:

1 whole fresh kiwifruit

Small knife

2  Sugar plum seeds or sugar plum seeds

How to make:

Slice a small portion from the kiwi. Cut two oval pieces from the kiwi skin to make the ears. and inset the sugar plum seeds at the center. Flip the kiwi ears backward and done!

Note: (Click on images to view larger)


And here’s additional add-on to more cutting and designing.



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