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Guess who’s cooking? It’s Sau Del Rosario


Celebrity  chef, Master Chef Sau Del Rosario explains as he demonstrates how to cook one of his best Kapampangan recipe  for the day without missing important details to bring out the savory flavour. Asia Food Expo, the country’s largest showcase in food. September 14-17, 2016 World Trade Center Metro , Manila Philippnes.



Impressive result ”Spicy Sotanghon with Taba ng Talangka Sauce” exceptionally easy to cook recipe. I’m not a sotanghon fan but watching as he explains some tips on how to cook it with additional ingredients like shrimps, crab meat and coco milk to make it more flavorful, it has sparkled my interest to try his recipe.

You can follow Chef Del Rosario in Instagram and Facebook. He has just launched his first cookbook, ”20 Years of Love and Cooking”, and it’s now available in National Bookstore and Power Books Outlet nationwide.

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