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Asia Food Expo Demonstration-Carving Tools for Fruits and Vegetables


Tommy with Lina (translator) both from Taiwan

Fruit and Vegetables Carving Exhibition,

Asia Food Expo 2016 World Trade Center, Manila

To decorate like a pro, you simply need the basic tools to carve fruits and vegetables to show your professional touch. Using simple equipment with techniques to follow, you can make a wide range of creative designs as your formal decoration.

Before it was quite hard to do it manually (oldest method), using just a small knife to shape fruits and vegetables for decoration and garnishing sometimes, the other side is thin and the other so thick that gives unbalanced result.

Using the right tools fairly, you can make it equal in sizes and proportion, you can even make a wide variety of attractive designs for salads and garnishes with a very relaxing pressure. And the result? it’s equally perfect!

Let me show you some of Tommy’s carving attractive designs

Good ideas you can get here for using the right tools such as vegetable peeler, fruit shaper, flower roll carver, cabbage shredder and many more.. Using a multi-functional tools, it allows you to make a good and smooth shape. The basic tools, vegetable and fruit shape cutter, it is use for making rosettes, petal shapes that can build up into different petal designs and flower shapes.


Beautiful Fruit and Vegetable Carvings such as cucumber, carrot, radish and zucchini flowers. For food decors and garnish.



My macro shot


Actual photos taken on the spot while demonstrating on how to use the carving tools



Complete garnishing tools on the table with knives and other vegetable peelers and cutters. To prepare courgettes, radishes, carrots and cucumbers,peel off strips of skin or scrape the skin using the same tool


Flower design using radish


A vegetable roll flower tool. Showing the sides, it’s really a multi functional carving tool, a very good shaper.


Rolling on to make a complete carrot flower


A complete carrot flower works on both ways, single and adjustable to double flower.



Using the same garnishing tool on how to to make a zucchini flower



Zucchini flower


Shredding a cabbage using  the right tool. This is good for Coleslaw and other salads and garnishing.

Shredding a cabbage using a string design. You can also use other vegetables like potato, carrot, radish, zucchini, apples, green mangoes, onions, cheese, ginger, marrows, courgettes, cucumber or anything hard fruits and vegetables to name a few for salad garnishing and decorating. Radishes and cucumbers are the easiest to carve because they are firm and bit soft.



Cabbage shredder


How it is to be done


You can also use a sharp knife but the result is uneven.In here, you can see it’s fairly equal in sizes.

If you are interested to buy carving tools for fruits and vegetables contact Tommy1F No. 2 Alley Lane 685 Jhongiheng Fongyuan City, Taichung country 420,Taiwan

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