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Rattan Fruit

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Rattan Fruit

My second time to taste rattan fruit and hoping that this time will seduce my tongue, another tasting review the second time around. I can remember my first tasting and Golly! it was memorably terrible, it was so sour that I couldn’t take it,I really hate it! Rattan fruit is a beige scaly fruit( fish-like scale) an oval fruit like lanzones or langsat. It tastes like combination of vinegar and green lime.

A good friend of mine gave me these fruits with other kinds. I was forced to taste it again since it was already there. I first picked up the rattan fruit, it seems interesting to try once more. I took one and can’t finish the whole thing, Yakks! Strange and mysterious sour, it seems my eyeballs popped out from its socket. I had mentioned it once and again, it was so terrible. I felt a sharp pain through my tongue and decided to throw it away but last minute looks, I’ve saved it and dry it under the sun, Into my mind, it looks good for decoration. I ‘ve kept inside the clear glass jar and Holaa! it is good for decoration on the table better than to taste and love it as a good fruit. I will never taste this fruit again..

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