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Papaya- Fruit of the Angels

Extremely easy to grow papaya in our backyard. Comes in yellow or orange when ripe, it is sweet and creamy especially the newly picked ones. Ripe papaya is good when eaten fresh or for fruit salad, just chill thoroughly and served on a bed of ice. F or good taste result; squeeze calamansi( native lemon) or lime over papaya slices. Small papayas with 2 color combinations (green and orange or yellow) are also good for fruit art carving, just avoid the over-soft fruit.

For health benefits: A healthy fruit impact on our digestive system and immune system which help to prevent constipation . Rich in minerals, vitamins. and phytochemicals (an active compound found in plants)  which includes antioxidant nutrients like carotene, flavonoids, pantothenic acid with Vit. C,B,A, minerals, calcium, iron and many more..

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