Daily Meal Servings with love and creativity

Month: December 2015

Photographing Fruits on Black Background

  Fruit Photography Subject: Fruit cocktail To feature the fruits as my main subject.This time is not about tasting and arranging of fruits, it’s all about photographing the subject (Fruit slices) I just love the rich colors of the fruits not to mention the taste. Bright […]

Estrel’s Caramel Cake for my Birthday

  My lovely birthday cake is a surprise birthday gift from my sister, call it,”A gift of love and thoughtfulness. Estrel’s rectangular caramel cake is a made to order cake. My sister ordered it 2 weeks ahead of time and delivered it on my birthday. It was even […]

Pink Sugar Apple Gallery

Sugar Apple or Annona Squamosa, a pink or green heart-shaped fruit with pronounced pink or green scales. Thailand variety grown in the Philippines are much larger and far more luscious than the native ones. Sugar apples are considered wild fruits thrive rapidly in any types […]