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Pink Sugar Apple

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Pink Sugar Apples

It’s exciting to plant something and keep a record of development. Sugar apple or Atis tree grows fairly quickly in the front yard. I’ve been following it through from day one to keep an early record for the rate of growth from a single seed up to maturity. The sugar apple seeds brought here from Thailand. Not a big deal because sugar apples are common in the Philippines but what I have here is a rare variety from Bangkok. The result is in, I took few photographs for the good result and soon you will view the same fruit from the gallery next post.

What makes it different from other sugar apples?Rare type of sugar apple, pulp and color.The flesh is somewhat thick and sweet.Fully Attractive in deep pink colors. The color is quiet unique maybe because of the good treatment given by me since day one, the fruit will live through with beautiful pink colors.

Note: Details shown below, click on images to view larger

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