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Radish – funny features

Radish- one of the easiest vegetables to grow.There are two types of radish; the large winter type and the long varieties. Grown for use in salads and vegetable soup, usually eaten while they are fresh and tender. Other radish produce funny features and remarkably attractive. It’s quiet amusing! These are the long variety in form, instead of growing long and straight sometimes it produces unusual course and abnormal fibrous in form. There’s a deformity at the end roots. It looks like a fork in a distance.

(Click on images to view larger)

12274195_882298478557013_6119896648273016929_n copy

Split into 3 more pieces. (Macro shot below)

11988284_882298358557025_4418340842728027331_n copy

It looks like an animal with a tail and 2 hind legs.

12247195_882298395223688_8271036127342904967_n copy

Shown results, Is it because of the effect of climate? types of soil? uneven distribution of water? or lack of moisture? Which one?

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