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Goin’ Bananas


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                           Goin’ Bananas

We haven’t eaten a single banana yet for today but it’s good I bought a plain substitute, a saba banana in the form of chips, It’s ”Goin Bananas” a ready to eat banana chips that are made from fresh saba, carefully sealed to protect the delicate flavor, crisp and crunchiness. It’s something new for us to try out!

To think,I ‘m not really a fan of any chips but when I tasted Goin’ Bananas, I’ve found it to be different from the rest of other banana chips. It’s really good to try saba banana that has been in the form of chips. I just realized, this is perfectly tailored for my good taste.

Goin’ Bananas comes in 3 different flavors to munch on:

  1. Barbecue flavor
  2. Cheese flavor
  3. Original flavor

Brighten up your day with this crispy and crunch Goin’ Bananas that are perfect for family and friends to munch on while enjoying the day. It is also good as  snack treats, good for picnics, gift baskets and everyday school baon.

Note: (Click on images to view larger)

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This is the natural flavor.(To the photos itself, you can see more details) You can see the natural looks, it was sweetened to bring out the familiar taste of banana.

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What is important here is about the quality itself; no artificial colors, cholesterol free and no preservatives. it is also rich in fiber, carbohydrates, iron, calcium and Vit. C and A. It is a part of good health!

(Close-up shots)

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Crunchy sweet!

Fresh fruit is good but when fresh fruit is turned into a crisp is something better for a snack treat.

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Once I like something,I go for it! For my supermarket list, I will always include ”Goin’ Bananas. In grocery stores sell variety of banana chips, the best choices just like this.

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Thank you Cyril !

For more information, visit Goin’ Bananas

Manufactured by: KF Nutri Foods International, Inc.

  Padada, Davao Del Sur

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