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Guava– a green fruit with a sweet taste.It has a distinctive flavor and fragrant smell. Available throughout summer.

Last summer, that was in the middle of March if I can still recall. When I visited my sister, I was overwhelmed to see the abundance of guavas and chicos around. I never missed to check these fruit trees in the backyard when in season. So far,I had gathered that much,a basket full of these fruits. We all gathered to sit down and eat with a dipping of apple cider vinegar however, others want the local vinegar with bit salt. I always eat it whole with skin.That makes it more refreshing.

Guavas come in varying shapes and sizes. What I have here are the native variety which is small and rounded in shape. Other guavas are pear-shaped and much bigger than the local one.  Among all, the biggest are the apple guavas which is quite big as an apple.

Guavas are better than any other fruits. When in season, I always include it in my daily diet.They are fiber rich in Vit. C, calcium, iron, and manganese. It can also prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes, helps to relieve fever, heart disease, digestive disorder and arthritis. Guavas are commonly used for desserts, jams, juices, candies, jellies, marmalades, preserves, conserves, pickles, spiced fruits, fruit syrup and Sinigang na hipon sa bayabas is also good.

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Got 3 photos for these summer fruits., it looks greenery good!


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A ripe guava is soft however,when unripe, the tough skin are tough and have a very poor flavor. The skin of guava will be dark green but it can turn into almost yellow when fully ripened.


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