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Double-Boiled Winter Melon Soup with Assorted Seafood

The Double-boiled winter melon soup with assorted seafood standing on a large holder for support.This is a very attractive serving dish for soup. The winter melon shell is quite heavy and tough, it can hold up to the heat of the soup as it was almost boiling when it was served.The big size is suitable for 10 to 12 persons. For me, the most delicious soup is when you bring up the total hotness on the table.The natural freshness of seafood and vegetable brings up the good flavor.

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Double-Boiled Winter Melon Soup with Assorted Seafood

It’s not oily, it is clear and tasty as I’ve mentioned previously,you don’t see any tiny floating particles on top.

DSC02228 copy

Peking Garden, 4th level,Greenbelt 5 Makati City serves the best Double-Boiled Winter Melon Soup with Assorted Seafood.


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Individual serving, Small bowl of Winter Melon Soup.


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How it was served? The Double-Boiled Winter Melon Soup brought inside the room by the server.It is still smoky hot!


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You can see here,it was placed on a small service cart along with soup bowls and ladle.


10805695_1523279731261443_3415794487437972292_n copy


The server carefully ladle in assorted seafood inside the shell and scraped the flesh of winter melon using a big spoon followed by the soup to fill each bowl.For finale, picking a piece of shrimp/prawns from the top head on top of the winter melon bowl.


10556481_1523281041261312_7915982179693475418_n copy

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