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It was a birthday celebration with special people. We celebrated the 90th birthday of my aunt Conchita with family, relatives and close friends. The celebration was held at Peking Garden Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center Makati City. The fine dining hosted for more than 50 people, we all occupied 5 round tables that evening leaving one table for food platform. The food was served at 7:30 as guests began to arrive as early as 7 in the evening allowing plenty of time and conversation.

Prayers before meals was offered to thank God for our blessings.The birthday music (Chinese version) playing in the background to match the birthday celebration.The celebration brings family members, relatives and special friends closer together on the table, not only on this occasion but to every event. All the guests elegantly dressed in red and that includes me.This kind of gathering serves as a good bonding for us, helps us to strengthen relationship and connections especially to the business group.

Scent of good food surrounds us throughout the evening. No special Chinese event would be considered complete unless there’s plenty of delicious food involved. Plenty of food served, Awesome! it was an evening with a well balanced meal that contains all necessary nutrients. It not a fatty dishes, not even hot or spicy.

The birthday menu checklist, best selection of favorites are rare treats, variety of Chinese dishes contains low in calories and fats. Obviously, an expensive choices and the favorite of the Chinese. The soothing effect of all seafood is irresistible so with the signature dish, the ”Peking Duck” How else to explain the sight of good food that gives such a burst of appetite.The presence of more favorites gives more excitement to eat. It’a an oriental feast.

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1545884_1542755672647182_3430949882316059560_n copy


Elegant and beautiful setting.


10406681_1542755949313821_5237433936362770495_n copy


Peking Garden Restaurant


10390118_1542759232646826_3396578140515338599_n copy


The beautiful birthday cake for the celebrant.


10417587_1542756622647087_2750369452392211665_n copy


That’s aunt Conchita cutting the cake! She looks lovely with her red dress.


10325504_1542757039313712_1947032730036007416_n copy

Birthday cheers and singing the birthday song.


1461266_1542760289313387_4257136461308965675_n copy

Highlight of the evening’s entertainment was a special number,violin solo rendition by Jason Gan.( one of Aunt Conchita’s grandchildren) The audience were all quiet as excited to hear the musical piece. Bravo Jason! Jason’s twin sister a lovely girl, Daniela, check photo above.


10394013_1542759895980093_7369059693926574630_n copy copy

While the guests were enjoying, the menu goes a long way creating a good mood. The assortment of food becomes the focal point here. The 12 courses meal, a selection of Chinese specialties. You can see from the menu itself. Yoo! love this food, some are my favorites…


1477639_1542759715980111_2470977619945152548_n copy

Lively look on the table,sparkling and superb! Everything was arranged oriental style. This is my plate! Always ready to go! Yumm!


The 12 courses meal. Lets get started,this is such a long list of courses up to 12 and one vegetable salad not on list, that makes it 13 courses all in all!

Note: (Click on all images to view larger)


10368215_1542759669313449_8038035125294780824_n copy

Vegetable salad complimented the meal. The best starter going to the main course.


My appreciation for all courses, I was trying to get a picture perfect for the first course. The first course, it’s a Birthday Misua with Shrimp and Mushroom.


10352259_1542759842646765_2703072830791903472_n copy


Birthday Misua with Shrimp and Mushroom.


The 2nd course is a Doubled-boiled Winter Melon Soup with Assorted Seafood.It is clear and tasty. Why clear? well, you don’t see any tiny floating particles, totally clean and clear! For me, a delicious soup is when you bring up the total hotness of natural flavor of seafood and vegetables.


10599458_1542759322646817_7673008682071165196_n copy

Each round table is good for 12 guests and to every table, one Broiled-Winter Melon Soup bowl each.


10888744_1542759219313494_3678411423089042812_n copy

What a huge and heavy shell. It’s just perfect enough for 12 people.


10868071_1542759202646829_5175400305696758796_n copy

Bit close-up to see the real beauty.


10644545_1523281874594562_7845330697268256447_n copy


10881711_1542755439313872_3668334445457323738_n copy

The 4 empty Winter Melon Bowl and an individual bowl of Winter Melon soup below.You can see the assorted seafood, nourishing and full of flavor.


1919640_1542758875980195_5884630803700151303_n copy

In a small bowl, it is hot and delicious.It gives specific taste as it is appealing.


The 3rd course is Peking Duck, the restaurant signature dish. Peking duck can be prepared in a variety of ways. In here, it is served two-ways, you can see below as details shown on photos and the other one is Minced duck with Fresh Lettuce. In spite of the variety of specialties, the Peking duck still remain as the night’s favorite.

How to wrap a Peking Duck? Click this link


1779133_1542758915980191_6038201424281090456_n copy


The whole Peking Duck is a special treat for all of us, full of flavor and deliciously fragrant.t’s addicting, once you start eating it, you just can’t stop, you want more and soon craving to eat again.


10882161_1542758659313550_3808230770527473156_n copy

Cutting the breast in thin slices


10846206_1542757609313655_5429546307352038193_n copy

The clever way of dividing into pieces. Thin flesh of Peking duck carefully arranged in a circular shape following the edge of the plate.


10885015_1542758479313568_8220780012211684742_n copy

The duck flesh at the center and the crispy skin on the edge of the plate or vice versa.


10169173_1542758849313531_5201930921905440659_n copy

Strips of Peking duck served with tortilla, stalks of spring onions and Hoisin sauce.


10687055_1542758355980247_4474538234789225134_n copy

The crispy skin of Peking Duck with a stalk of spring onion. Here’s ”How to wrap a Peking duck”


The 4th course is Deep Fried Almond Prawns.


10885154_1542758565980226_7333619795756742577_n copy

Prawns breaded with thin almonds.


10409540_1542757702646979_8431558089669438909_n copy

The perfect match


The 5th course is Braised Sliced Abalone with Vegetables


10411100_1542757859313630_440770595361571751_n copy

Pretty Oh so good! The sparkling abalone is  is tender and tasty. The fresh green color of the vegetables was completely preserved. Maintaining vegetables green color and nutritive value.


The 6th course is Whole Lapu-lapu with Scramble Egg White


10888557_1542757432647006_1472022968092877791_n copy

Whole Lapu-lapu with Scramble Egg White served on a big oval platter, looks deliciously elegant.


The 7th course is Sauteed French Bean with Minced Garlic. The only vegetable being served aside from the salad, preserving the fresh green color.


1375922_1542758119313604_2863010121985941979_n copy

Sauteed French Bean with Minced Garlic is sweet and crisp.


The 8th course is Golden Crabs with Salted Egg


10885320_1542756822647067_7446246088998854669_n copy


10885550_1542756155980467_1827317831166390056_n copy


10888901_1542755532647196_6059838072243042875_n copy

This is my plate. How good is that?Always on the go for my favorite choice!


The 9th course is Minced Duck with Fresh Lettuce


10885573_1542758245980258_3845140430113553318_n copy

It’s an iceberg lettuce wrap.

10868053_1542756592647090_8114516349914103691_n copy

The Minced duck serves with iceberg lettuce cup and Hoisin sauce.


10882318_1542756992647050_5647530966521224366_n copy


The 10th course is Steamed Supreme Soup and Pork Dumpling.


10885603_1542756705980412_101055783842738337_n copy

Steamed Supreme Soup and Pork Dumplingsomething that will suit your taste.


10169173_1542760079313408_4607013763397775389_n copy

Photographer of the evening. Tonight’s Photographer- Alex Ruelo of Imagine Nation


10888729_1542757492647000_991791067597083653_n copy

Champagne Moët & Chandon, drink appropriate for the event. The world’s most loved French champagne.


1505595_1542755545980528_5044614025214794703_n copy


Cheers! Happiness and good health for everyone! Long life for aunt Conchita!


10888702_1542759192646830_6990470387039696245_n copy

French champagne


The 11th and 12th  courses are desserts; Birthday Bun and Chilled Mango Shake with Sago. I’ve missed to photographed the last one.


10868189_1542756485980434_3438816910795549062_n copy

Sweet dessert, the Birthday Bun


10345764_1542756142647135_2431459887841849519_n copy

What’s inside the Birthday Bun? A sweet bean paste.


Other photos taken that evening. You will see here all the guests who flocked to the elegant and fabulous evening gathering; family members, relatives and special friends.


10246519_1542761152646634_3300744005274122781_n copy


10409059_1542756629313753_918181160567598910_n copy


10614363_1542760552646694_6335255474935371863_n copy


10615357_1542760972646652_2140776007156122171_n copy


10868282_1542760655980017_7840106172404399323_n copy


10881591_1542757332647016_1422225069995509578_n copy


1489001_1542755315980551_4409193923906558483_n copy

It was a celebration full of laughter and excitement. The birthday treat is a blessing and sign of thoughtfulness. Thank you so much aunt Conchita!


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