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Good Dieting

Nowadays, a lot of issues coming out about health problems. Some often described it as just a natural changes that come with getting older but others described it as deficiency disease and the best treatment is good dieting. This is the reason why we must be fully aware of what we eat and we really need to take note of healthy food guide.

Highly scary to hear about those extremely expensive and prolonged treatments that’s why, I focus myself to limit some picks even if it’s my favorite choice.I want to make sure the currently known scary health doesn’t reach me.It is important to take note of what I really need and I don’t need; protein intake, fats and sugar as majority tends to avoid sweet desserts because of sugary and dairy products that makes it unhealthy.

Diet Sharing

1. This is a test, to avoid fatty and sugary products? Just eat within limits only. For the meat,you don’t want to eat much as well as too much because it’s difficult to digest. If you see new recipes on the table, you’ll pick up a few but if the food is prepared in variety of ways, it would be better.

2. To maintain a healthy life,I would therefore suggests, to focus to a low calorie foods, this has no limit intake, it shows you to pick and eat as you wish.

3. My dietitian always remind me to keep at least 1,200 calories everyday as it’s my daily limit. It’s just as good to begin and end with low-calorie foods.

4. Three servings of fruits and vegetables is good. Three servings of fish a week, limit sugar sweetened desserts and sweet drinks.

5. Make sure to drink a lot of water. Avoid junk foods and carbonated drinks.

6. Don’t forget to exercise, it helps you to burn calories and helps you to slim down.

I just want to make a bit review of the foods taken lately. Some contains too much fats and others are most suitable for healthy benefits. Delicious foods on the table, How can I resist?

2015-09-15 17.59.20-4 copy

 Xiao Long Bao of Din Tai Fung Restaurant, Taiwan

10888659_1545838225672260_3990624028558382305_n copy

Fried Crispy Noodles of Mr. Choi Kitchen, Robinson’s Galleria

Me and my family, we love to eat outside so we can try new recipes in newly opened restaurant. Sometimes, I’m with the company of my friends for a get-together,socializing and enjoying good food. I cannot avoid to order my favorites, of course, it’s hard to avoid as everybody wants it too.

10406977_1523281064594643_4963861939105784191_n copy

My favorite, Fried Rice with Golden Crabs of Peking Garden, Greenbelt 5, Makati

Foods served in front of us, the intense delicious aroma is seducing my appetite. I really can’t control as I was enjoying and chatting at the same time. I can’t even feel that I’ve already taken that much but still wants for more. I don’t even know the amount of salt, fats and sugar for that particular recipe but I’m really careful about ordering meat that shows high level of cholesterol that can be linked to the fats we eat.I will just limit my fat choices to a minimum.

10511292_1523278957928187_6943166941638647981_n copy

Winter Melon Soup Bowl of Peking Garden

10171145_1531636370425779_7539545058391840531_n copy

Thai Pomelo Salad of Dads World Buffet, SM Mega Mall. This one is good for dieters.

IMG_3923 copy

Sauteed French Beans of Peking Garden, Greenbelt,Makati


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