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How to Serve Fresh Watermelon

The exciting way of cutting your favorite fruits. Watermelon can be transformed into something special if you slice it neatly as details shown on photos below. The kind of cutting will make it more presentable on the table and refreshing when it’s cold.  Watermelon is cultivated on dried up river bed and sandy soil and widely available all year around. The seedless watermelon is now everybody’s favorite especially during summertime because of good quality and refreshing taste.The production seedless watermelons are expanding rapidly and gained better market this year.There are over 15,000 hectares of watermelons planted every year.

Watermelons are huge, round and oval in shape with dark striped rind. Dark red and light red or reddish pink is the most common in the market although, the yellow oval watermelon is also good and sweet too. Watermelons are too big in size so, it is a common practice to slice it into wedges. Other shapes shown here.

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Heart-shaped watermelon

IMG_6437 copy


Half moon watermelon

IMG_6469 copy

Watermelon wedges

IMG_6517 copy


IMG_6464 copy

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