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Pink Sugar Apple

The Sugar apple fresh from the garden,they are distinguished by their apple green color and rough skin but lately, sugar apple tree is producing intriguing colors such as ¬†green, pink and light violet. I guess, if the season is outstanding when 3 different colors are produced. I still remember,it’s a hybrid variety that we bought in Bangkok and brought it home from there. It was quiet bigger and sweeter than the Philippine variety. I’ve collected 8 seeds from one sugar apple alone, I saved some seeds and dried them under the sun for 2 days. Day after, I’ve planted it without seed spacing, I just scattered the around. No problem about the soil, it is most resistant to hotness and wetness. One year after, I’m very happy to harvest the first batch however the 2nd batch is quite good because of 3 different colors( violet not in the picture) This is it! See the combination of colors!

604156_1527604490828967_6313858467360157711_n copy

Pink Sugar Apples

1920087_1527604154162334_8862331707067628695_n copy

The pink one is the most attractive one. Still, the inner part remains the same in color and white flesh is sweet.

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