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The Sushi boat is a wonderful serving plate for sushi and Sashimi. Japanese in origin, one big pleasure boat is ideal for big gathering. Big Japanese restaurant specializes serving sushi and sashimi on a boat with accompanying sauce of Kikkoman, Wasabi and native lemon(calamansi). These 3 are extremely important as sushi and sashimi makes an appetite opener.

Various kinds of Sushi on a boat are the following; Makimoto, Calofornia maki, Puto makiCalifornia rolls, Nigiri, Maguro,Tamagoyaki and many more… So far, my favorite is the California maki, I love the taste of sushi rice with ripe mangoes, cucumber, crabstick and Nori sheets. It suits my palate, it’s slightly light and cool. Without any fats? it’s awesome!

How to make a good dipping sauce for Sushi and Sashimi 

Mix together, 3 tbsp of Kikkoman, a squeeze of calamansi and bit of Wasabi then, dip the tempura in the sauce and shake off excess, now ready to go!

IMG_3003 copy

Assorted sushi’s are well-arranged on a boat, it is a pleasing combination of all kinds. Thoroughly, an Asian in style serving boat. Sushi are made of  fresh ingredients; raw fish, squid, shrimps,octopus,cooked meat and eggs too.

IMG_1865 copy


IMG_3038 copy


IMG_3007 copy

You can see the native lemon here, we call it kalamansi, the Wasabi in apple green color and of course, the Kikkoman.

IMG_1864 copy


IMG_3040 copy

Restaurants that serves sushi on a boat: Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant and Buffet 101 International Cuisine.

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