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Strawberries with Yogurt

A quick strawberry dessert.Strawberry flavored yogurt,honey, grated cheese and topped with Vermicelli candy sprinkles. Combining sweet and slightly sour taste together gives a unique and  satisfying taste.

Prep time: 15 minutes

Serves: 4 persons


18 Large strawberries

2 tbsp Vermicelli candy sprinkles

125 g Nestle Fruit Selection Strawberry flavored yogurt

2 tsp Clear honey

1 tbsp Grated Cheese (optional)



Place strawberries on a coriander, wash in cold running water. Drain. Remove the flower ends. Halve only 2 pieces of strawberries and reserve the other 16 for background decorations.

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Meanwhile,mix together the Strawberry flavored yogurt, cheese and honey.


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Here’s I’m using my favorite Nestle Fruit Selection Strawberry flavored yogurt(125g)

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Spoon mixture into a small glass and carefully arrange 4 slices of strawberries over the top.Serve topped with Vermicelli candy sprinkles. (pink color) Set aside and chill.

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Attractive arrangement- Arrange the remaining strawberries on a white plate following the circular edge of the plate. (See features) it’s a rounded form for the background and place the glass at the center of the plate.

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The strawberry yogurt serves to be the center of attraction while the fresh strawberries around for those who prefer to eat the natural way.

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