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Peking Duck

Sumptuous dishes traditionally prepared and served in a grand style, the Peking Garden, 4th level Greenbelt 5, Makati City serves the best Peking duck in the city, it was the restaurant’s specialty  as the name goes well with it. Tonight is the birthday dinner celebration of my aunt, fabulous dinner served and the most popular choice. From the 10 courses meal served, the Peking duck and the Winter Melon Soup with assorted seafood was my 2 best favorites although meal’s highlight and star on the table is the savory Peking duck.

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Peking Garden, 4th level Greenbelt 5, Makati City

The Peking duck is in good shape,well-cooked and the aroma is awesome.It was very tasty and the skin is crispy. It is bound to reign on the table.

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1. The whole Peking duck was served first on a small rolling table cart nearby along with the tortilla, stalk of spring onions and a small bowl of sweet sauce. Of course, the carving board and knife is always present. The good thing about it, you can see freely how it was being sliced.

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2. The Peking duck was neatly cut into even slices by the server. Started with the breast diagonally towards him holding the wing with the fork and cut through the outer layer of the breast into the joint.

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3. Cutting the breast in thin slices parallel with the breastbone and repeating with the other side.It looks like very easy to cut because the knife is sharp, that’s the secret of cutting it neatly.

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4. The thin flesh was carefully arranged in a circular shape following the edge of the plate on a big white plate with the crispy skin at the center or it work both ways. You can see the difference from the photos up and down. The duck flesh at the center and the crispy skin on the edge of the plate or vice versa.

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5. After the cutting and preparation, the Whole plate of Peking duck transferred to our table along with the tortilla, stalks of spring onions and the sweet hoisin sauce.

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See how it looks, Attractively beautiful !

6. Here’s how to wrap a Peking Duck Strips, Lay one fine strip of Peking duck flesh on a tortilla wrapper, followed by the stalk of spring onions, add a spoon of sweet Hoisin sauce on top and lay another strip of Peking duck.

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This is how it looks before before wrapping.

10660085_1523272107928872_3251505219369738266_n copy

7. Hold one end of tortilla and roll it halfway.

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8. Fold both borders and roll it again to enclose properly.

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The filling looks like this inside.

DSC03899 copy

Almost done, I’m leaving one end open to show the filling inside.

DSC03896 copy

One bite,followed by another bite and more pls…

I’ve tasted Peking Duck from different restaurants before but these, nothing can equal the flavor, I’ve never tasted like it before. So far, the best among the rest.

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