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 Fruit Farm

It’s still early,most likely I’ll find myself busy in the kitchen for fun activity.  Here’s I’m transforming fruits into a beautiful scene of Landscape Farm, this one is just as fun to make as they are to share to.

What you need:

2 Kiwi


Grapes 4-6 pieces

1 Banana


Red Watermelon


How to make:

1.  Pick a firm and yellow skin banana. Peel banana skin from the stem and cut it lengthways. Brush with lemon juice to prevent from browning or discoloration. These serves as the coconut trunk.

2. Peel the kiwi, cut into a rounded form and cut each circle into half to form a half moon, these will served as banana leaves later.

3. Remove the strawberry stalk, cut a thin slice on the head and cut it lengthways. Spread it out for the haystack.

4. Attached the whole grapes as the coconut fruit.

5. Cut a thin slice from the watermelon to form petal for the flowers. You can use a thin strips from the kiwi as a stem.

6. Cut papaya into rounded form to form a sun and fine strips to be attached for the sun rays. and a long thin slices for the farmlands.

7. Arrange as shown on a big white plate or platter. Follow features as shown.


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