Daily Meal Servings with love and creativity


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Fresh Fruit Cocktail, See how fresh it is! It was cleanly cut into bite sized pieces and  beautifully arranged inside a cocktail glass.

I’ve prepared Fresh fruit cocktail before my snack time, it’s quiet earlier than the regular time so it will not lessen  my appetite for the next meal. Today’s assorted fruits are kiwi, red watermelon, papaya, green and red apple, grapes, sweet pineapple and strawberries. It’s just a fresh fruit to increase my strength for today’s physical activity.

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Bite-sized pieces of fruits in a cocktail glass

 Fruit get together,a wonderfully assorted fruit combination combining different colors and flavors,unique taste come in. Lately,I had indigestion so I avoided large meals, a small frequent meal is good and something light and nutritious just like these is also good for digestion. I eat more at breakfast and lunch,less for supper  but, most of the time skipping supper if my tummy is already full.

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