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Strawberry Boat

The simplest way of adding extra sweet flavor to strawberries. I think, the Vermicelli sprinkles is just right because of its tiny sized that fits well inside the boat however, you can also use other candy sprinkles or any fruit salad mixture and topped it with Vanilla-flavored whipped cream.


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The brighter the color of red strawberry, the sweeter and healthier it is.

What you need: 

10  Fresh strawberries

Vermicelli Sprinkles

How to do:

1. Choose a firm and ripe strawberries, discard the bruised and over ripe ones because of leaked juice. Wash fresh strawberries under running water and pat dry gently with paper towel. In making a strawberry boat, avoid removing the leaves because it serves as handle.

2. Using a small sharp knife, halve the strawberry lengthways. Separate and let it stand.

3. Scoop the strawberry flesh inside and cut it into tiny pieces.(being used to fill the boat later)

4. Mix strawberry flesh with vermicelli sprinkles and fill in the boat. Add more sprinkles on top. You can also use fine Chocolate bits and fine Peppermint sprinkles is also good.

5. Refrigerate until chilled. Serve.

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