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Food Art Candy Sprinkles-Free Style Arrangement for the Kids

Hello kids! This is something fun for you!

Today, I’m going to make a free style arrangement to entertain you. This is something fancy and fun art creations. Rainbow sprinkle with full colors of animal design, star- shaped, heart-shaped and letters, you can even form your own name and any shape of your own style. I will show you some beautiful examples of what you can create with your kids while waiting for the cake to cool down.

The free-style arrangement is creative and attractive

This is a fun art playing with letters and a pretty something is good to snap too. On a white flat plate isa space to give you a bit creative imagination. A little space to make fun of arranging candy sprinkles. I’m using a rainbow -colored sprinkles which is very attractive that you can arrange and re-arranged candies to form different shapes and figures.


IMG_9866 copy

Love art is simply the easiest after your name. The impressive combination of colors is pretty special!

IMG_9881 copy

Kids can get into the fun of making a heart-shaped sprinkles.

IMG_9872 copy


IMG_9885 copy

A lovely piece surrounded by sprinkles.

IMG_9896 copy


IMG_9899 copy

For your name, scatter some sprinkles and arrange it. Forming your own name is a signature item that will please you.

IMG_9917 copy

Heart- shaped color sparkles is just a good display and colorful arrangement.

IMG_9920 copy

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