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My treat for tricks Halloween presentation

For my Comic faces and spooky ideas is a  simple one and not elaborate. It’s just a hands on carving, designing, decorating, arranging some spooky and haunted stuffs to show off.  The full range of candies, fruits, gourds and shaped biscuits, skills applied to form spooky faces, creative shapes and funny figures. I call it” a craft art of my own Halloween expression, it’s only for eye appeal. Even if my presentation for this year’s Halloween specials is simple, at least, it’s worth to have at least something for Halloween.

10399451_1510338419222241_2943076311450241785_n copy

 Ornamental Gourds and Haunted Biscuits

10649568_1514417595480990_319879232738742813_n copy

Jolly  Grapes

DSC06696 copy

My Spooky Bananas

DSC06666 copy

 Jolly and Comic orange flavored candies. , I’ve made different faces for my half moon orange Twit candy,you can see happy face, angry face, sad face and  surprise. I used  mini raisins for the eyes and soft cheese for the mouth.

The making of Funny  Marshmallow 

Light in color Marshmallows, all medium in sizes, it’s just right for the size of the eyes and nose. I attached mini-raisins for the eyes and chocolate candy sprinkles for the nose.


10424987_1513974365525313_5698396638724594773_n copy


10659183_1513973938858689_5343482547706592397_n copy

 Spooky floating Marshmallows

10394462_1513974045525345_1273062292225167183_n copy


1459704_1513974032192013_748635650996247256_n copy


 Ornamental Gourds

Gourds are hard-shelled fruits with many shapes and colours. It is closely related to squash. For me, gourds have the natural looks perfect for Halloween.

1978855_1510339852555431_3636078260844569534_n copy

Got 2 gourds for my spooky carvings.

1555309_1510339005888849_8535734946577088876_n copy

My  Jack-O’ Lantern version


My Haunted Biscuits 

These biscuits are shaped usually topped with melted chocolates, soft icing or sugar glaze. The act of decorating shaped-biscuits can be topped with melted chocolate or colored sugar glaze. You need to use perfect tools to make decorating easy, you use piping bag and decorative nozzles for icing.There’s a cocktail stick and tweezers to handle tiny decorations. For writing, drawing and designing biscuits, use a fine nozzle, it can transformed biscuits into new looks.

10710908_1510338689222214_3129650050905089580_n copy

The 3 combinations; haunted tree biscuit, owl biscuit and Jack-O’ Lantern adorned with chocolate sprinkles below

10411386_1510338532555563_5572658515143599859_n copy


10647105_1510339529222130_1989657052353425473_n copy


The owl shaped and Jack-O lantern


DSC00570 copy


DSC00573 copy

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