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 Busy days ahead? here’s a recipe fitted for your time. Try it!

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Butterfly Crispy Chicken

Lately, I’ve tried to cut chicken into halves. That makes a butterfly version spreading out much bigger. All you have to do is to cut into halves using a shear and flatten it. This kind of cut leaving more spaces inside  for the air to circulate, that makes cooking evenly.

Following the same method of cooking using Multi-Conventional Turbo Broiler

IMG_4395 copy

The easiest way to roast a whole chicken. To start, pre-heat Turbo for 3 minutes before cooking. The same spices and cooking time as suggested previously. Check latest post.

IMG_4392 copy

To roast at 200’C for 30 minutes only.

IMG_4393 copy

10 minutes more to complete the cooking. See my finished product above.

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